In a recent survey, it was found that ‘Storage’ capacity is increasingly important. At 63 percent, storage trumped other priority uses for homeowners in the kitchen.

Homeowners are remodeling kitchens to increase their storage space by making small upgrades, such as deep drawer organizers, and pull-out or swing-out trays and shelves.

Counter-tops are the most common and one of the biggest upgrades that can be done to a kitchen, just a slight change in the color for example will affect the whole feel the kitchen gives out. The counter-top upgrade in a kitchen is very often splurged on. Nowadays quartz counter-tops are even more popular than the very common granite counter-tops.

For increased storage, it was found that using islands is a very potent option because it combines practicality and storage, the two favorite upgrades.

The common question is: what is the cost of remodeling a kitchen?

The average amount spent for a full remodel (cabinetry and appliances) for a ~200 square foot kitchen is $42,000. For a smaller kitchen, you are looking at ~$20,000

Here are some other advices to improve your kitchen easily:

Color: White kitchens with white backsplashes, counter-tops, and wall finishes offer more light and give a warmer feel to the kitchen.

Flooring: Hardwood is beautiful, but going for laminate is in itself a very good idea because it is cheaper, and nowadays, the quality is better.

Cabinets: Shaker cabinets are the most popular door styles among those updating cabinets, followed by flat-panel and raised panel.