More builders are outfitting newly constructed homes with smart-home technology, and many buyers say they're okay paying extra for it, according to research from John Burns Real Estate Consulting. Sixty percent of buyers would spend more on a home with a smart thermostat, the consulting firm's survey of more than 23,000 shows, and slightly more – 67 percent – say they'd pay extra for an oversized kitchen.

More than 60 percent of new-home buyers also say they'd pay more for an exterior security camera and smart locks.

In a separate John Burns survey of more than 300 home builders, 53 percent say they now incorporate smart-home technology into new construction. Even so, 42 percent of buyers say they would purchase additional technology.

The study found some differences among buyer segments on which smart-home tech they find most attractive, including:

  • Young singles and couples: most likely to choose smart thermostats
  • Families: most likely to choose a smart garage responsive to app controls and voice commands
  • Older buyers: most likely to pay extra for smart locks