Use a trusted Realtors®

We all know that realtors get a cut of the sales price of a property which makes some buyers hesitant to use a realtor : they believe it drives up the overall cost. Keep in mind that the seller, not the buyer, pays the commission. As a potential buyer, you should keep in mind that a listing agent (the agent representing the seller) doesn’t protect your interests and that agent would simply take both sides of the commission.

That means that you’re not saving money. A realtor who works for you will protect your interests by helping you buying at the right price, and so reduce is commission and guide you through the buying process – from negotiating a price to navigating home inspections.

A Realtor will help you evaluate your priorities and research appropriate real estate properties to satisfy your requirements. Topics you may wish to consider include which neighborhoods or areas would best suit your needs. There are many lifestyle choices available, and you may choose real estate in a neighborhood offering beaches, boating canals, arts and cultural attractions, tennis and golf. Whether you desire water views, beach access and boat docks, or if you value proximity to excellent schools, highways, businesses and restaurants, cultural attractions and leisure activities, there is the perfect area for you in Palm Beach Gardens (or Palm Beach County).

A house purchase involves a contract, when you’re buying a house, you have to sign a contract which seems “standard” but there is some room for negotiation. Contracts are meant to be negotiated.

As a realtor I will help you to navigate through the contract, adding addendum and defined the right delay and remind you all the important dates and things to do.