In the age of HGTV home staging and little remodeling are growing and becoming more sophisticated.

This technic is already used with big results in France since 10 years.

Home staging is making the difference and it’s really important. Today homebuyers are expecting something clean and simpler with contemporary design, not a packed home. They need to project their lifestyle.

Of course the staging needs to stay real, the home buyer wants to see something sophisticated but not painted the walls (from cream walls to all white), and brought in white sofas and chairs with clean lines.

Some stagers are also adding more personal photographs, no longer advising clients to rid the home of all photos. In fact, if a photo shows the family on vacation, someplace nice and warm, that ties into a lifestyle a buyer might want to emulate. Today’s buyer is more sophisticated, so they don’t want to see phony.

Spending on residential remodels will continue to trend and  home-owner are spending around 1.5% to 2% in remodeling projects.

The most important remodelings are : kitchen and bathroom. In buyers’ mind, this represent a big amount of money, but it’s easy today to make a bathroom or a kitchen cleaner and rejuvenated.

Think about changing fixtures first : handles, sink, faucets, vanity lights…

For a bathroom it doesn’t cost a lot to change a vanity top.
Also, get rid of the shower curtain and replace it by a bathtub glass panel.
One mistake is to change vanities door only, this looks weird, simply repaint it.

Another important fact is to keep in mind that one beautifully updated bathroom will let a better feeling for a buyer than seeing that he has to update all the bathrooms.

I will be happy to give you some advice and help you to handle a beautiful update without wasting money.