Since I start my career I always suggest my client to subscribe to an Home Warranty insurance.
Warranties have become increasingly important in negotiating deals in a tight market. 
Also it offers some peace of mind for buyers.

In recent years, Home Insurance has become more than just a warranty provider “Buyers are buying the warranty to protect their investment,” who explains that sellers are more willing to accept an offer when it’s paired with the comfort that comes with the home warranty.

Sellers often utilize their Home Waranty during the inspection process for covered repairs that may arise, noting that it’s a little extra something to help the entire home-purchasing process, regardless of which side you stand on.

“You never know what can happen in the months to come. It eases clients mind to know that they just need to make a phone call to their Home Warranty Insurance should something go awry. 

I personnaly recommend AHS (American Home Shield)  to colleagues, friends and family. It’s an added protection on your home to cover the unforeseen. Sometimes you won’t need it, but the moment you don’t have it, you’ll wish you did. Life is complicated enough.