If you've ever owned a home before, you know that just like your vehicle needs regular maintenance like oil changes to run well—so does your home. It can be easy to ignore or put these things off, but a well-maintained home will save you money from costly repairs in the long run, and make your home easier to sell when the time comes. 

Lack of maintenance can lead to bad drawbacks when selling your house. This recently occurred with a seller of mine who's property was in poor shape and badly maintained. When the inspector came to take a look at the house and its issues; he found a lot of problems. The buyer decided to lower their offer, and things did not go in the seller's favor. A failed inspection can, and will most likely lead to a cancellation of the ongoing contract. Not maintaining your home has horrible drawbacks. That is why it is necessary to maintain your house in great condition for the future.

Here are some tips to give your house all of the Tender Loving Care it deserves:


  • Change the furnace filters. If your family is small and pet-free, simply inspect the filter and replace every 2-3 months.
  • Clean the range hood filters. Mix a degreaser with hot water, let it soak, then rinse it off.
  • Check water softener. Check the salt level, add some if needed, and read the display to make sure no error codes are displayed. You'll usually only add salt a few times a year.


  • Deep clean your home! Roll up your sleeves and deep clean appliances, windows, lighting, and every crevice and corner
  • Test the pressure relief valve on your water system. This prevents corrosion—protecting leaks and helping it run efficiently.
  • Replace batteries in smoke/carbon dioxide detectors. Make it a habit to change batteries every time you set the clocks for daylight savings time.
  • Vacuum the fridge coils. The fridge can account for up to 15 percent of your home's total power—keep it running efficiently.

Annually Organized by Season

Spring/Fall – There's a reason it's called "Spring Cleaning"

  • Service central air. It is always hot in Florida so you wouldn't want your air conditioning to break down unexpectedly.
  • Check gutters and drainage. When summer hurricane season start coming down, will the water flow away from your house? Keep gutters clear so the water can flow where it's supposed to.
  • Test the sump pump. You don't want to wait until you need it to find out it's not working!
  • Check grout in the bathroom and kitchen. Fix the grout where needed—This will extend the life of tiled surfaces and keep them looking new.
  • Check windows and screens. Clean window wells of fall and winter debris.

Summer/Winter – Shift your focus to the outdoors and enjoy the sunshine

  • Check and clean the clothes dryer vent. While running, check the exhaust for the smell of fresh laundry. If the exhaust is marginal, check for blockages. Also, vacuum the lint from dryer hose.
  • Clean garage. The garage is easy to ignore, get out there while the weather is nice, and check garage door sensors are working while you're in there.


Even though this list is very complete and has a lot of informations, your home might need additional maintenance. If you have any questions concerning maintenance and changes you could do to improve the home quality for resale.