It takes just 26 seconds for a guest to form an opinion of your home when they walk through the front door. But what makes for a good first impression

  • A styled entryway

That moment when a guest's breath is taken away comes from stepping into a home with striking, deliberate design. Think bright, organized and neutral. Do not overload it with furniture or decoration.

If you don't have time to restyle your entryway, updating wall decor is a simple way to unify the space. A precisely placed mirror can make a space look much bigger and brighter."


  • An uplifting scent

If you only pay attention to the look of your home, you're mistaken. Scent can be one of the most immediate factors in making a first impression.

An easy way to change the scent of your house is as simple as lighting a vanilla or citrus candle in the living room or near the entrance to infuse your home with an uplifting scent. Also, flowers always add an elegant but subtle fragrance, and baking cookies is another great way to change the air.


  • A lack of clutter

Having a messy house happens, and it is normal, but an easy way to fix this if you don’t always have time to clean, is to use decorative baskets to mask mess. Position them by the doorway, under a coffee table, or beside a sofa to fake a cleaner-looking home without removing any items.


  • White paint

The color you choose to paint your home can have a big impact on its value. White, ivory, and eggshell are the most appealing shades to create an inviting space. Repainting your house isn’t always cheap, so another way to modify the look is by simply alternating the lighting. New lamps, and different light bulbs can change a lot.


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